Boxers & Ballerinas

This series contrasts images of Boxers and Ballerinas, an unlikely pairing filled with similarities. Venturing into East Los Angeles, an area of low-income families of Mexican heritage, I discovered the story of these fighters; on the other hand, across the country in the Miami Beach Ballet Company, I found the perfect Ballerina subjects. Normally, a boxer is associated with being tough, while a ballerina with being delicate. But to me, both endure physical challenges, pain, stress, and pressure, just as much as a boxer performs his craft like a dance, measuring their opponent and their movements. Both Ballerinas and Boxers work and train hard for months and years on end, yet it’s only their final performance that is different. As I finished shooting, the connections were obvious. I could see the grace and elegance of a boxer and the strength and rigor of a ballerina.